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  1. Wash your hands. 

  2. Push back cuticles with wooden stick

  3. Buff nails gently with file until nail bed has no shine

  4. Wipe with alcohol wipe 

  5. Apply glue on nail bed 

  6. Put press on nail on nail bed

  7. Hold for 15 seconds

  8. Done!!

  1. Wash your hands

  2. Use wooden stick and gently make a separation between the nail and the nail bed (optional: apply cuticle oil to help separation of nails)

  3. Get a bowl of warm water and soap in a bowl and soak for 10 mins 

  4. Gently take off nail using wooden stick or it should slide off

  5. To Remove glue residue; you can soak in warm acetone or remove with file

  6. Wash your hands and moisturize 

  7. Done !

Depends! if you use sticky tabs, you can use them as much or as little as you want. 

If you use glue, gently take them off with water and cuticle oil they will come right off! And you can apply again.

They can last from 1-3 weeks depending on application. 

Your package comes with a press-on nail set (24 nails), glue, a wooden stick, alcohol wipe, a nail file, a business card, and instructions.