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What’s In Style For Spring Nails?

Spring is just around the corner and what better way to welcome it than to have a complete manicure makeover that will lift your mood and transform your style. Spring is the season for floral designs and vibrant colors to enhance your appearance and prepare for the weeks to come.

The top trends for the upcoming spring are minimalist and delicate styles that are designed to bring your nails to life! From the modern update of chrome detailing French manicures to the bold colors and vintage charm and even inspired nude styles, there is an array of trends that have been given a boost prior to the spring season.

Popular Styles

French tip
One of the most popular spring styles is the French tip with a range of vibrant colors to make the nails stand out. The traditional white tip on a French manicure has been transformed with the application of various colors and stickers to add a little more of a unique style to such a classic design.
Here at Definition Nails, we offer the “I Am Captivating” style which provides bright neon French tips press on nails for a bold look that exudes confidence and personality, perfect for a spring boost.

Bright and bold red is one of the most popular colors currently in style to enhance your nails with a sophisticated appearance. Red is a classic vibrant color that portrays confidence and strength along with a fearless attitude that belongs in the spring season.
Definition Nails offer the “I Am Courageous” style which provides a bright red color in short, square shaped press on nails to appeal to your daring spirit and highlight your unwavering bravery.

Silver Chrome
Chrome is one of the more stylish looks that has carried over from last year and is still one of the favorites for spring 2024. There are various iterations of the chrome nails which are often highlighted such as hints of lace, incorporating the negative space and more to create a unique twist on the classic.
Definition Nails offer a stunning silver chrome style with “I Am A Superstar” that unleashes your star power and confidence. Capture the attention of those around you with these dazzling press on nails. Alternatively check out Definition Nails’ golden chrome for an extra touch of glamour.

Retro Lines
A fun and stylish design, these retro lines offer a hint of flair and elegance to your nails. Available as curved lines and swirls in a variety of colors, this creates a vintage vibe that perfectly stands out in the spring for a maximum impact of style.
Definition Nails offer the “I Am Groovy” option which provides a medium stiletto option with orange, black and white wavy lines to express a retro charm and funky appearance. Alternatively, the “I Am Growing” offers a slightly more modern style with light and dark green swirls designed to show off your style and personal growth.